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Why you should look into converting to a Geothermal Unit

The New Mexico Geothermal
Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit will pay up to 30%, with a $9,000 maximum, of your geothermal ground-coupled heat pump system that is inspected and operational before the cutoff date of December 31,2016

This incentive is available for both personal and corporate income taxes for purchase and installation costs for these systems.

In addition to this state tax credit, the federal government will pay 30% in a federal tax credit (Personal) or 10% (Corporate) for your geothermal ground-coupled heat pump system. New Mexico's incentive was passed by the legislature in 2009 to help citizens invest in clean energy for their homes or businesses.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is heat that lies beneath the surface of the earth. It is a clean, abundant, continuously available renewable energy resource. New Mexico has vast geothermal energy resources.

High temperature geothermal energy is tapped from reservoirs of hot water, steam, and hot rock. Also, the constant temperature just below the surface of the ground serves as a thermal reservoir that is accessed by conventional trenching or drilling methods..

Why use Geothermal Energy?

In areas where natural gas is unavailable, home owners and businesses find that
ground source heat pumps provide economical domestic hot water, and comfortable space heating and cooling.

Geo Testimonial from Mark
Mark Bibeault from Abiquiu, NM

“We constructed our new home near
Abiquiu, where only expensive propane
for heating and electricity for cooling are available. Our investment in an efficient geothermal heat pump system provides us with both heating and cooling capabilities year round. The high efficiency renewable energy system we installed requires
minimal maintenance and will pay for
itself in approximately ten years.”
click here for the full story BibeaultWebStory.pdf

Remember you only have till Dec. 31,2016!
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